Austin Tangney
Austin Tangney

Best mile time: 4:36

Deadlift: 495

Bench: 275

Squat: 405

Longest bike ride ever: 50 miles


Bachelors in Exercise Science


Austin Tangney

I was an athlete my whole life playing baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and track but baseball was always my thing. I played college baseball at Mott Community College for two years then went on to play D1 at Oakland University for two years. Being an athlete taught me to be part of a team and work together toward a common goal and that made me into the coach I am today the Xceleration team and I are working toward the common goal of getting the people around us into the best shape possible and teaching each and every member how to become the best version of them self!

My Dad once told me, “Nobody is there to save you. If you want something you have to work for it.” That quote has stuck with me my whole life. When he said that to me I was bummed about a baseball game I had where I played horribly, so I went to work. I worked so hard to achieve my dreams of playing collegiate baseball and I did everything in my power to accomplish what I set my mind to. But, as I got older I realized that the simple quote my dad said to me that day applied to the rest of my life! If I want to be successful I have to work for it because nobody is going to do the work for me. No one is going to come to save me so if I want something I have to go and get it for myself.

My passion is pushing people toward the goal they set for themself, I want to help people push themselves safely toward what they want to achieve. I love working with athletes to help them in the weight room to make them better at their specific sport, but I also enjoy working with the everyday person to help them live the healthiest life they can.