Xceleration BodyBuilding

Programing & Nutrition

Bring your physique to the elite level! UFE pro Nick Parasiliti designs a challenging regimen targeting muscle growth, symmetry, and conditioning. Train as a team with like-minded athletes looking to build bodies fit for the stage or the beach. Individualized nutritional programming takes you from the rigors of mass gaining to the discipline of cutting. Tiered programming provides opportunities for the hard core competitor and the bodybuilding enthusiast alike.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist Shauna Siwicki uses deep tissue massage and cupping to prevent and heal injuries to maximize time on the training floor.

FitBody 360

Get an edge on the competition! Utilize the industry standard in body composition and RMR testing with DEXA scan from Fitbody 360. Track every ounce of fat lost or muscle gained from the day you start your fitness journey to the day you step under the bright lights.

Posing Game Changer

Learn the art of displaying the human form with UFE pros Bill and Stephanie Jones. This creative team will choreograph and drill individualized routines to perfection. Have confidence on show day from working with a team who've helped 8 athletes earn professional status.