Jim Clements, Adult Boot Camp

I started just 7 weeks ago and I am down almost 30 pounds! I’m down 6% in body fat, I did not have a lot of energy, my eating habits were not very good, and all of that has changed due to Ben Boudro and Xceleration staff. I would encourage everyone to come join Xceleration to see what it’s all about. 

Peggy Weingartz, Adult BootCamp

In just 24 Days I lost 6.6% of my total body weight and dropped my body fat by 3.3%. The Xceleration Boot Camps are tough but the atmosphere is so motivating that I am able to get through workouts I never thought I could do.


Ryan Genord, Notre Dame Prep High School

In 2 months Coach Boudro and Xceleration helped me add 4.5 inches to my vertical add 40 lbs to my bench press and drop my 5-10-5 agility test time from 4.62s to 4.20s

Xceleration Fitness is one for the books. Their trainers are knowledgable, fun individuals that make sure you're getting the best workout you need to meet your goals, whether it be to lose 5-100 pounds, build more muscle mass, or, better yet, both. While the trainers themselves are awesome, the sense of community this gym has created is without a doubt the best part of Xceleration. You make new friends, build a family, and find yourself being pushed every day by those around you. To anyone considering trying this place out, DO IT! You won't regret it!
Nikki Cléments
How often do you hear the words fun and gym in the same sentence!!! Well I am here to tell you, working out at Xceleration is a fun gym to be apart of, I have been with Xceleration for about a year and without the encouragement of the staff/trainers and the xceleration family I truly wouldn't be as excited as I am about all the wonderful gains I've made with this group xceleration rocks!!!!
Julie Brown
Xceleration is not just any gym, it is a community and a family. I have never been to a gym like this. I have been a member since August 2015 and have loved every minute of it. I walked in without knowing anything or anyone, and now I have improved my fitness and made some amazing friends. The trainers and members are amazing people. No workout is ever the same and they are fun and challenging. Going to Xceleration is probably the best part of my day. Not enough words can justify just how great of a place this is. Come check it out, you won't regret it! Chase it!
Tania Paydawy
2015 was the year of pure chaos and uncertainty.  We were still living in Virginia and after realizing that the 2 1/2-hour one way commute into DC was not sustainable, I realized I needed more balance with my family life..so I quit my job from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.   Before all of this, I joined a crossfit gym and instantly fell in love with the physical and mental challenges of the WODs (workout of the day).  Though due to the work schedule and commute times, there was no way i could have gotten to the gym, both before or/and after it opened and closed.   I quit my job  not knowing where I was going or how I was going to support my family.  After interviewing several places in northern Virginia, I knew obvious signs that I was not meant to stay in the area.  I interviewed at Henry Ford and was offered the job instantly.  And in 2016, Eric and I made the change of uprooting our 3 kids back to this area.  
For those you have not heard, we lived in an extended hotel room for 5 months while waiting to sell our home in VA and waiting for the new construction to finish.  It was the most painful, yet humbling experience we've had. Going to Xceleration was the only sanity it gave me during our time living in the hotel.   And during our transitional stage, Eric and I promised each other that our housing would have to be based on a gym that we could travel to...for anyone that knows northern VA/DC traffic, heavy commutes at any time of the day were part of the lifestyle, and we were done with that.  We wanted to find a gym and base our housing near it as we could not use traffic and geographic location to be excuses as to why we couldn't exercise.
When we walked into Xceleration in April 2016, Eric and I knew we were both sold.  We had met with Ben, Matt, and John, and after meeting them and hearing their vision for the gym, we fell in love!  I never experienced the tight community, the family atmosphere that Xceleration had--even with our old Crossfit gym...this place was WAY different.  I soon met others that had the same interests and goals and we couldn't have made a better choice.  Working out at Xceleration is my form of balance between my work and home life... and it is my major way of stress management.  I have never felt more confident and happy to have joined the Xceleration family.  Since then, I lost 23 lbs, happier, and more balanced than I have ever been in my life.  I am so forever grateful for the trainers, the staff, and my Xceleration family and am so proud to call this my home.  I have made unimaginable fitness goals that I never thought I could do, and with being with Xceleration, I know the impossible is possible!
-Rochelle Diez

In September of 2015 we began construction on our home, I had recently ended my membership at another fitness center because of changes in classes that I was no longer enjoying.  I was doing a backyard type bootcamp in Ortonville and running on occasion because my schedule was so busy with managing the house. 

Once we completed construction in September of 2016 I knew that I needed something a little more intense to get me back into the swing of things.  Even though the scale did not show a weight gain I knew that I had lost a ton of muscle and tone. 

In November of 2016 going into the Holiday/winter months I knew I needed to do something quick!  So I joined the Holiday Gain No Weight Challenge, right away I loved the bootcamps and bought a year membership.  Since then I have done the spring break challenge and summer transformation challenge, not because I feel I need to lose weight at this point but because I love the 'buzz' the challenge provides and mostly because I love listening to everyone else's story.  I can honestly say 5 months in I am back to feeling toned, strong and energetic, thank you xceleration!

-Marisa Ratliff

I started Xceleration Fitness in January 2015 and signed up for a year membership after my first work-out, it was the best decision I made regarding my health and fitness.   Prior to starting boot camps my fitness routine consisted of running pretty much every day and running 4 to 6  half marathons a year.  But as I got older I realized I needed something different to reach my fitness goals.    The Xceleration community has helped me lose those last stubborn pounds, decrease my body fat and build muscle I never knew was possible.  I was also introduced to proper nutrition and I have achieved my personal best times in my half marathons.   At Xceleration we are a community that supports each other in all aspects of life, I have made some amazing friends who helped me achieve my goals and get through one of the toughest times in my life, dealing with the death of my father.  I can’t say enough positive things about Xceleration Fitness and encourage everyone to come check out our community!

-Peggy Weingartz, Adult Boot Camp

I reached an all time high with my weight (175lbs) and knew I needed to change things soon if I wanted to continue enjoying life with my family and friends.  I have always been an pretty active person and got my workouts in, but this time I needed a bigger push and something different that I haven’t done before.  I was so happy when

Xceleration fitness was introduced to me.  I started out with my Free Workout in February 2016 and right after buying my first Groupon to continue training.  The people, the coaches, and the energy inside the gym wasn’t like anywhere else I have ever been before.  I knew this is where I needed to be and drop 5lbs from February 2016 to April 2016 before starting my first challenge with changing my diet and putting in the work.

 I started my first challenge weighing in at 170lbs. and 27.9% body fat.  I knew I had a lot of work to put in but I wasn’t turning back!  I went in and gave it my all.  It wasn’t always easy at times with the juggling of kids and a husband with a busy traveling schedule but I continued to move forward!  After joining into the Xceleration community and taking part in several challenges (a little over a year since starting), I am currently 154.6lbs and 21.4% body fat. It has changed so much for me and my family. So thankful and happy to be apart of a great community and now even more excited to see the results of my husband who joined me in this current Xceleration challenge!

-Erika McDaniel

I started at Xceleration in April 2016. At this gym, I have gone from 212 to 165lbs in just over a year. I did this by doing every transformation challenge Xceleration has  offered since I joined. The challenges are 4 and 8 week programs that challenge you to change your diet and fitness levels such that as long as you make very basic efforts to follow the program, you cannot help but lose weight/body fat. 
They keep you accountable to eating healthy, you show them your food logs every day, and they provide feedback to teach you how to cook and eat healthier. The challenges are extremely fun, they divide you up into "teams" where you support and are motivated by your teammates through fun activities/weekly games, etc.
Every trainer here is amazing. They are all in shape.  The clientele are amazing as well, because they (we) have all "been there" before.  Almost all of us were overweight at one time, and are in a better place now. That makes all the difference and the success stories are every where you look, quite literally.
There have been ups and downs. It has not been easy.  There have been plateaus, times when I have wanted to give up and go back to my old habits. But every time I am tempted to do that, I am reminded of where I came, who I was back then, and where I am now. I get my motivation and strength from everyone around me, and have built self-discipline from the good habits I see around me, and those I have developed on my own by coming back every day.
I love this gym, the friends I have made, the staff, and even the journey with all of its ups and downs to get to this point. And I am still making progress. 
-Eric Diez

Here's my transformation moment. I wasn't going to post anything because I don't have a before and after pic AND the scale hasn't really moved more than a few pounds. 

However, I know Xceleration's program is working because I know I feel stronger, I can lift heavier weights and have created healthier choices. That should be all I need to know. But I still was hoping for proof. 

Well when I get ready for work each day I usually wear leggings and a floppy dress because I'm a Kindergarten teacher and I'm down on on the ground a lot and I want to be comfy. So my clothes always felt the same because that's the beauty of leggings. They're stretchy! 

This morning was my AH-HAH moment. I put on my favorite pants from LAST summer and wah-lah! I got my proof! They were too big!!

The workouts are shrinking my fat and building my muscles. It's not just the workouts that are making the difference. It's our trainers that are guiding us to healthy, lifelong nutrition habits, personalized to us! 

Let's not forget the fellow teammates (#teamxceleration) in class each day. We are each other's cheerleaders and encouragers (because that's how the staff rolls and so do we). 

I'm so happy I joined last November. It's a decision I'll never regret!

-Amy Beattie

My journey to Xceleration started early last year when I realized that the gym I was at wasn't going to be able to take me to the next level in my fitness journey. I started poking around the internet for facilities near me that offered both boot camps and a lifting environment. I kept seeing this Xceleration Fitness come up and decided to go in and see what it was like. I'm usually a good judge of character when talking to someone and hearing their philosophies.

As soon as I walked into the gym, I was greeted by Ben and Nick. I asked questions, they asked questions, they showed me around and introduced me to everyone and I could tell immediately that this was the place I wanted to try. Deep down I was hoping that it wasn't your typical meat market establishment and that they were true to their words. We'll let me tell you, they were!!!

My first day there was amazing...everyone was helpful, encouraging and really made me comfortable and at ease. I quickly met some people and from that day on it's only gotten better. I wouldn't say I was in bad shape, but I definitely had a lot of work to do...especially cardio wise! And I've never built a lot of muscle before and I was longing to make gains!

The boot camps were very challenging (still are)! And I love that they're never the same workouts! I joined the transformation challenges and got great results from those. The fact that they teach a lifestyle change with fitness AND nutrition is key! Then when they started offering semi-private training I gave that a whirl. LOVE LOVE LOVED those (still do)! That's when I really starting feeling like I was getting the whole package. The best of both worlds! In the meantime, I'm making some of THE best friends I've ever had! People that share the same struggles, goals and life style as me! People that I love being around and now consider part of my family...THAT, by far, has been the most meaningful to me!

Then last September I was talking to Coach Nick about his training for an upcoming UFE body building competition. I saw the focus and determination that he had getting ready for this and I knew I wanted to do the same. It's something that was always a dream for me but never did I have the courage to make it a reality...until now! I was so nervous to actually say it out loud and tell the trainers that I wanted to compete, but once I did they all gave me the strength and confidence I needed to take the leap! They were confident that I was a good fit and could really pull this off. And after seeing Coach Nick's competition (he killed it by the way), it only solidified my feelings...game on!!! Lol

NEVER could I have imagined really going through with this! I know it's because of my Xceleration trainers and family that I could be pushed so far out of my comfort zone and chase a dream of mine like this!!! This wasn't just a physical battle, but a huge mental battle for me and I proved that I was strong enough in both to accomplish.

Coach Nick was phenomenal not only as a trainer but as a friend and a true support for me. Every staff member at Xceleration had a part in helping me reach my goal! I appreciate them immensely! My friends in the gym pushed me and trained with me every day as well to help me get to where I needed to be. Forever grateful for them and for this place! I've been to MANY gyms in the past and have NEVER gotten this kind of love and support and butt kicking!!

No matter what your age, your fitness level, your goals or your fears...Xceleration can help you through it all! Take the leap of faith...come in, meet your future friends and gym family! Can't wait to meet you!

Thank you Xceleration!!

-Shannon Lee