Jim Clements, Adult Boot Camp

I started just 7 weeks ago and I am down almost 30 pounds! I’m down 6% in body fat, I did not have a lot of energy, my eating habits were not very good, and all of that has changed due to Ben Boudro and Xceleration staff. I would encourage everyone to come join Xceleration to see what it’s all about. 

Peggy Weingartz, Adult BootCamp

In just 24 Days I lost 6.6% of my total body weight and dropped my body fat by 3.3%. The Xceleration Boot Camps are tough but the atmosphere is so motivating that I am able to get through workouts I never thought I could do.


Ryan Genord, Notre Dame Prep High School

In 2 months Coach Boudro and Xceleration helped me add 4.5 inches to my vertical add 40 lbs to my bench press and drop my 5-10-5 agility test time from 4.62s to 4.20s

Xceleration Fitness is one for the books. Their trainers are knowledgable, fun individuals that make sure you're getting the best workout you need to meet your goals, whether it be to lose 5-100 pounds, build more muscle mass, or, better yet, both. While the trainers themselves are awesome, the sense of community this gym has created is without a doubt the best part of Xceleration. You make new friends, build a family, and find yourself being pushed every day by those around you. To anyone considering trying this place out, DO IT! You won't regret it!
Nikki Cléments
How often do you hear the words fun and gym in the same sentence!!! Well I am here to tell you, working out at Xceleration is a fun gym to be apart of, I have been with Xceleration for about a year and without the encouragement of the staff/trainers and the xceleration family I truly wouldn't be as excited as I am about all the wonderful gains I've made with this group xceleration rocks!!!!
Julie Brown
Xceleration is not just any gym, it is a community and a family. I have never been to a gym like this. I have been a member since August 2015 and have loved every minute of it. I walked in without knowing anything or anyone, and now I have improved my fitness and made some amazing friends. The trainers and members are amazing people. No workout is ever the same and they are fun and challenging. Going to Xceleration is probably the best part of my day. Not enough words can justify just how great of a place this is. Come check it out, you won't regret it! Chase it!
Tania Paydawy