Our Classes

Adult Boot Camp

Xceleration Fitness offers the most innovative performance enhancement training, reconditioning and group training in Michigan.
Xceleration Fitness's results- driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle. Time and effort spent training at Xceleration will help you get to where you want to be in life.
If you are looking to lose weight or need a jumpstart to getting back in shape, our coaches will provide the knowledge and the means to help you become fit and stay that way. 
At Xceleration Fitness our bootcamps are more than just a place to train. The ever growing community is what really drives the people to achieve their goals. Each class provides the opportunity to meet new people that want to help you just as much as the coaches do.
Each workout consists of stretching, strength training and conditioning. Coaches put a strong emphasis on basic and proper technique in all areas and are designed for the individual to go at his/her own pace and level. Each class and each day is completely different from the previous. One day you might have a lower body strength day and the next will be a cardio crusher. This allows for the opportunity to come in multiple days in a row and fit around your schedule.

Semi-Priviate Training

This is our premium adult class providing a nice mix of our Adult Bootcamp and Athlete Training program, our adult programs are tailored specifically to the needs of the adult training client. With smaller class sizes (4-6 people), our coaches help you dig deep to find your inner athlete. Whether your goal is weight loss, injury rehabilitation or to simply get a great workout our coaches can accommodate to the needs of men and women of all ages and fitness levels. 

 Each workout consist of improving mobility and flexibility, increasing upper and lower body power, building full body strength and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. 
Simply put our program is designed to help you move better and become healthier than you ever have in your life.



Athlete Training

Xceleration Fitness offers an innovative approach to training – we build on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete's individual goals.
Our program includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction and rehabilitation, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, and explosive power development. Athletes are closely supervised as the coach takes them through an intense 60-minute workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.
Each workout consists of injury reduction (corrections/stretching), movement training, strength training and conditioning. Coaches put a strong emphasis on basic and proper technique in all areas. As the individual masters the basic movements the workouts become more challenging.
  • Speed - Acceleration, Deceleration, Running Mechanics, Footwork, Linear & Lateral Movement Techniques
  • Explosive Power - Plyometrics, Medicine Balls, Jumping & Landing Techniques, Olympic Lifting
  • Strength - Functional Approach, Detailed Instruction, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core
  • Flexibility & Injury Reduction - Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Various forms of Stretching, Balance & Stabilization
  • Nutrition - Tips, Advice, Education