Xceleration Fitness is a training facility located in Auburn Hills, MI. There are over 1000 clients incorporating athletes from all over the metro Detroit area and over 300 moms, dads and every day adult clients who are changing their lives by losing weight, shedding body fat, gaining muscle and living all around healthier lifestyles. Xceleration has grown to be a nationally known gym and are now regular contributors for Fox 2 New, NBC,, The Active Times, FitnessRx, and several other nationally known media outlets.

It is our goal to provide our interns with a highly educational, interactive, and reflective experience in the field of strength and conditioning. All interns should anticipate exposure to every aspect our strength and conditioning program has to offer, including an in depth role within the coaching staff itself. At Xceleration, we take great pride in the clients that we train, as well as a leader fostering future strength and conditioning coaches.

The intern is expected to be highly motivated and have a strong willingness to learn. Our interns can expect weekly evaluations by the Xceleration staff. The following set of guidelines must be followed at all times while interning with us:

  • Respect for all members of the Xceleration Fitness staff and clients
  • Maintain a professional relationship with our clients
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Understand that all actions and verbal communications are a reflection of Xceleration Sports
  • Continue to assist us with daily facility maintenance
  • Be willing to help our staff with research and continuing education

Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Weekly meetings and homework assignments
  • Work minimum of 15 hrs per week
  • Assist with exercise techniques, warm-up, and exercise classes
  • Perform daily duties that are necessary for everyday operation. Such as equipment maintenance, facility cleaning, equipment clean-up
  • 1 end of the semester project of director's choosing
  • Attend 5 bootcamp classes per month

In order to become an intern at Xceleration Sports, each individual must be formally interviewed. If you are interested in an internship at Xceleration Fitness contact Matt VanSumeren with a resume and references at